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Continous Professional Development

The MDC has since the inception of the NRCD (91) 1972 been renewing the retention of practitioners on the Registers as per the Decree yearly, based solely on their payment of a retention fee determined by Council.

New techniques and modern technology are continually evolving in the practice of medicine and dentistry and the competencies of practitioners need to be sharpened and updated continually in the main interest of protecting the public.

Recertification will support the Continuous Professional Development process of practitioners who aim to provide improved quality of care




  • Practioners are able to remain updated in their knowledge, keep up with developments in their field and enhance their ‘fitness to practice’.
  • It enhances professional satisfaction


  • Ensuring that practitioners that are employed are the best available and will offer the best care
  • Promotion can depend more consistently on evidence of professional development


  • Guarantees them the assurance of quality of care and safety in practice by practitioners.


The contents shall be activities that will serve to develop or increase the knowledge, skills and professional performance of practitioners in the performance of their services for patients, the public and the profession. These are some of the areas identified but this list is by no means exhaustive and will be amended from time to time as the need is either identified or arises:

  • Law and ethics of the profession
  • Good record keeping
  • Health administration and management in general including issues of finance and economics
  • Updating clinical skills and information
  • IT including computer assisted clinical programs
  • Basic research skills
  • Healthcare Financing


These are some of the activities identified by which the programmes can be carried out. This is by no means exhaustive and any other suggestions will be examined by the committee.

  • Clinical meetings which follow a standard format determined by Council
  • Scientific conferences and workshops which are pre-accredited
  • Clinical/medical quizzes
  • Peer-review of practice which follow standards prescribed by Council
  • Peer-reviewed journal reviewer
  • Post-Graduate courses being pursued by practitioners (if for non-registrable courses, will not gain the practitioner all the credits required per year)
  • Research publications
  • Faculty member at approved CPD events
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